Source of Light

Flow—the essence of all life

This applies not only to people but also to our environment. Flow is experienced as harmony, as beneficial, as creative abundance, as wealth of life energy and as inner clarity.

The Source of Light was created by physician Uwe Albrecht to support the healing breath, meditations, and to harmonize living and work spaces and re-establish flow. For the energetic design of living and work spaces, innerwise frequencies can also be added to the Source of Light.

Like a sacred space, the energy field emanating from the Source of Light facilitates access to the healing energies. This makes the healing breath so easy, yet so effective.
“It was during a trip to Namibia in April 2011 that I found the right crystals to give the Source of Light a visible form: clear (optical) calcites. 20 crystals were arranged geometrically, lit with laser beams and then photographed. The red light field arose as the laser light was broken within the crystals. Only the blue rim was adjusted graphically.”