Born on a ranch in Southern California in 1944, I spent my childhood loving and healing animals – a red tail hawk, crows, a couple of rabbits, ranch cats, and my horse, Little Devil, who wouldn’t let anyone else ride him. He would just turn into a bucking rodeo horse, and no one could stay on. The red tail hawk I nursed and set free returned with a mate and they nested in a palm tree by the house, and generations later their offspring still return to nest in the same tall palm at the ranch. Then there was the rattle snake living by the pig pen; she danced and sang for me, never being aggressive. However my mother put an end to that friendship.

There was a lot of alone time and I learned spending time in solitude doesn’t equate feeling lonely. That actually my quiet mind allowed for a feeling of being connected to all, including my brother, Joseph, who died after a lengthy illness at age 16 when I was four years old.

During the time Joseph was sick, while playing in the avocado orchard, I unearthed an old Indian molcajete. I cleaned it up and found solace gathering flowers, leaves, roots and crushing and mashing them in the molcajete, and then selecting which to blend together for my lotions and potions. I didn’t question from where I got this idea nor understand why I did it, and loved doing it. It was years later remembering the relaxed warm inner feeling of being connected I had when working with my molcajete, that I realized I had been doing just as my indigenous ancestors had done. It was a missing piece.

And this is how I became a ranch-kid healer and tapped into my ancestral roots.

1b405e6Fast forward to 1994, fifty years after my birth, after creating a successful business, my children grown and on their own, I was in love with life and living, married to the love of my life, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Well, this twist in the road took me to a doctor who ministered me with a lumpectomy and hands on healing. It re-awakened my childhood connection of loving and healing animals. And it brought me back to my indigenous roots.

From my dear friend Dr. Earl Simmons, I learned about the subtleties of negativity, and that thoughts are alive, and they come back to one a thousand fold. I learned intense focus and the power of conscious intention, and how to successfully apply hands on healing, and the road took me on a path to minister many others.

As time went along I also learned that people can be attached to their diseases, and that after healing, a disease can return or manifest as something else in the body. Little by little I pretty much stopped working on clients.

Then at a social function in December 2012 the road turned once again and I met Uwe Albrecht, a physician from Germany. He is the creator of innerwise®, a totally unique energy healing modality. We talked, shared thoughts, drank a little tequila, and I told him about my visiting grand daughter who had ten days before been raped by two men. Dr. Uwe said, “One of those men left something with her, and they took from her. We need to get back what was taken and give back what was left.”

Linda 5 years

Well, that same night, he did a session with my granddaughter. It was nothing short of amazing. It made her whole again, putting her shattered soul and psyche back together. I learned that Humpty Dumpty can be put back together. I learned that a fragmented soul can be made whole again, and life can be full of joy once again. And Dr. Uwe did all this in about 30 minutes without laying a hand on her.

The following spring I watched Dr. Uwe work on my brother, who woke with a pulled groin, major pain, needing a cane to walk. Again with ‘no hands on’, just placing cards on him and quickly asking a few questions, after ten minutes, Dr. Uwe told him to get up and walk – and he did – without any pain or the cane!   As I watched, I learned that innerwise treats the root causes of a manifested disharmony, and that then the body, in harmony and flow, can heal itself. I understood that finding the root cause was my missing ancestral tool and that I needed to learn innerwise and share it with the world. And I have. And I am.

The road has taken me to now, and here, I am, offering sessions and teaching ancestral and inner wisdom energy healing as a SoulSpirit Complete Facilitator.


Beyond Hands On


Everything is alive.
Everything has a soul, a vibration and a field.
Everything follows the same energy field principles:
Harmony or disharmony
Flow or blockage
Freedom or manipulation
And Everything is based on the effects that are manifested by these energy fields.

The principle of innerwise is to reestablish harmony. We do this by clearing energy fields. This is the prerequisite for good health, happiness, flow and divine providence.

The goal of innerwise is to put one back in touch with their soul purpose by finding their way back to the Oneness again within them self, by healing that sense of separation.

From innerwise, The IMAGO Game by Uwe Albrecht

(edited for clarity)