For many, innerwise® is a reconnection with themselves. For others, innerwise seems new, because they’ve forgotten. As children we lived with inner wisdom, intuition and trust. We only lost and exchanged them for rules, norms and inner insecurity.

innerwise offers tools and ways to reconnect to the abilities inherent in each of us and reintegrate them into our lives. These are tools whose sole purpose is to be no longer needed. Until we’ve reached that point of knowing, they accelerate our clearing processes and inner growth.

innerwise healing cards and tools access the essence of various healing systems like bach flowers, crystals, homeopathy, plants, archangels, and make it easy to apply their frequencies for treatment of blockages to humans in an easy and simple way; and from that basis, to apply it to everything else, be it animals, plants, teams, companies or organizations, or systems.

“I learned that innerwise treats the root causes of a manifested disharmony, and that  then the body, in harmony and flow, can heal itself.” from my bio.

innerwise has touched many people around the world who’ve experienced success using this system. And to date, there are over 140,000 practitioners in many countries. innerwise® is a certified medical device in Europe.  

SoulSpirit Complete Facilitator


Beyond Hands On


Everything is alive.
Everything has a soul, a vibration and a field.
Everything follows the same energy field principles:
Harmony or disharmony
Flow or blockage
Freedom or manipulation
And Everything is based on the effects that are manifested by these energy fields.

The principle of innerwise is to reestablish harmony. We do this by clearing energy fields. This is the prerequisite for good health, happiness, flow and divine providence.

The goal of innerwise is to put one back in touch with their soul purpose by finding their way back to the Oneness again within them self, by healing that sense of separation.

From innerwise, The IMAGO Game by Uwe Albrecht

(edited for clarity)