The energy field determines our reality. By clearing the energy field with Space, we can remove energetic irritations, changing reality.

Space is effective in case of

  • irritations due to geopathic stress factors, such as the Earth’s magnetic grids, water veins or faults in sleeping or working areas
  • negative energy fields
  • energetic design of living and work spaces

How to use Space

Following your intuition or by testing using the arm-length test or the pendulum test, the disc is set up in the spot in the room or living or work space where it can unfold its optimal effect. This should be the spot where it is possible to exert the maximum influence on the irritations that are present. For the energetic design of living and work spaces, innerwise can be added to Space as well. Space then acts like a sound system that allows the symphony of healing frequencies to resound in the room or any living or work space.

Space has been created based on the research of physician Uwe Albrecht, a pioneer of energy medicine, who developed innerwise.