New Dimension & Integrity Tester APPLY FOR

We’ve decided that based on its potential, this test card won’t be freely available,
but instead, you can apply for it.
Send your thoughts and feelings about what integrity means to you, as well as the extent to which you’re willing and ready to live with integrity in all areas of your life, to
You’re welcome to include examples, if you wish.
Please submit at least a full A4/letter-size page.

New Test Cards 2013/14

The package includes:
⦁     Integrity Test Card, incl. Booklet
⦁     Make Me An Instrument Test Card
⦁     The Seeing Space Test Card, incl. Booklet
⦁     New innerwise Test Cards Webinar

Test Card 13: Integrity

It carries the number 13, and rightfully so. The number 13 stands for transformation, the transition to a new quality.
It’s called Integrity.
We could experience the power of the topics covered by this test card in a number of workshops, and we were all surprised.
They include integrity, honesty, charges, sources, as well as the need and the necessity, to name some of them.
And it’s not a test card whose topics can simply be balanced using healing cards (if they represent an issue for us); they must be an integral part of our lives.
This test card comes with a booklet describing the topics.

Make Me An Instrument Test Card

Choose the topics and related healing codes directly with the test card. Topics are explained in the booklet.

The Seeing Space Test Card

Individual, foreign and intelligent spaces; causes and related treatment levels; seeing; as well as individual, multiple and surrounding spaces—these are the topics of this test card. It certainly offers a broader approach and a challenge. Topics are explained in the booklet.

New innerwise Test Cards Webinar

Uwe Albrecht presents the new test cards, their background and how to use them.
Two hours of online learning.
This webinar will be offered on a recurring basis.