Medicine Wheel Poster

Energetic art—the way to integrity

Behind the innerwise Medicine Wheel is the search for insight and the realization that the three classical paths need to be combined to be successful. That is, the energetic path, the path of mental and spiritual realization and the physical path. If we recognize that each of these paths has its downside and if we integrate all that, the fourth path opens up. This results in a threefold meditation. These are no immersion exercises for the mind but life meditations that require inner discipline and perseverance and constitute a prerequisite for an innerwise therapist.

Meditation from the energetic perspective

This requires the desire to understand energetic processes and principles. It is a new and unusual perspective, as well as a constant effort to look behind things and processes and to learn to see the energy flows. This is the meditation of sensing, feeling and perceiving.

Meditation focusing on mental and spiritual insight

This is about the rational processing of the observed energy flows. It also involves an active interest in humanity’s collective wisdoms and teachings, and in the mathematical and geometric laws—the foundation of all life. This includes verifying the accuracy of energetic principles. If they are correct, they have to be applicable to everything. This is the meditation of the inner researcher, the humanist.

Meditation focusing on the body, the temple of the soul

As the temple of the soul, the body needs attention and preservation of structure and form. This includes conscious nutrition, continuous cleansing from toxins and physical exercise done with love and joy, be it Qigong, dancing, gardening or something completely different. The body likes it when we use it and take good care of it. It is the meditation of those hungry for life, because life is movement.
The Medicine Wheel has been created based on the research of physician Uwe Albrecht, a pioneer of energy medicine, who developed innerwise.
Sturdy high-gloss paper, 80 x 80 cm (31.5 x 31.5 in.)

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