Music by Richard Hiebinger | Healing Codes by Uwe Albrecht

There are moments in life that can only be described as divine. The creation of the Make Me An Instrument hologram was one of them; the number codes another. By transforming these mathematical sound clouds into audible music, Richard Hiebinger brought this creation to completion. Music from the infinite reaches of the universe, freed from the limitations of human existence, supporting healing as if by magic.
Visualize entering the holographic space of Make Me An Instrument and let the music do the rest.

  • 1 Code for pure sound (08:40)
  • 2 Code for pure structure (07:16)
  • 3 Code for purification (10:30)
  • 4 Code for healing energetic and spiritual trauma (08:00)
  • 5 Code for transforming hatred into love energy (11:09)
  • 6 Code for supporting spiritual growth (09:30)
  • 7 Code for better sleep(09:50)
  • 8 Code for getting back lost time (05:59)


  • 1 Code for resolving issues we carry for others at their source (11:14)
  • 2 Code for ending manipulation (37:35)
  • 3 Code for cutting the links to impure sources
    – Clearing your own field (02:49)
    – Bidding adieu to impure energy sources by focusing the code on their energetic center (09:26)
    – Letting go of impure energy sources (07:49)
    – Activating your own pure source (06:21)
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